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Training For All Levels

We focus on an individualized approach in order to improve performance and minimize injuries for athletes. We build programs based upon each athlete’s individual strengths and weaknesses. We aim to improve bio-mechanics and optimize athlete efficiency. RP works with individuals of all ages helping to identify and achieve your fitness and health goals.

Training Assessment
  • 1 on 1 meeting
  • Skills & Movement assessment
  • Feedback + Analysis of assessment
Small Group Training
  • Individualized approach with a group environment
  • Small groups of 1-6 participants/trainer
  • 1 on 1 training
  • Personalized programming
  • Flexible scheduling
virtual training
  • Groups of 1-8 participants
  • Easy & convenient training 
  • Real-Time Feedback 
  • Personalized Training Sessions 
  • Monday – Friday 6:30 am & 7:30 am
  • Stretching & Yoga: Saturdays 8:00 am
Guided Training
  • Best for individuals familiar and comfortable in the gym, self-motivated and needing guidance in day to day workout
  • Individually tailored program based on needs & goals
  • Contact RP for questions and quotes at 815-893-9796 or email


  • Team/group training: clubs, organizations, teams, etc.
  • Remote training: individuals/teams looking to develop strength and conditioning programs
  • Contact RP for questions and quotes at 815-893-9796 or email

RP’s vision:

We believe accountability and teamwork are the foundation for long term success, the more support you have the better your results and experience will be. Check out our social media for FREE tools, tips, and insight on how you can help improve your training. 


Personal & Group Training

RP provides a high-level training environment for those committed to improving themselves and their performance. Our experienced training staff integrates technology with proven methods and principles of training to create an environment for success. With both group and personal training opportunities available we can help find the best training program that fits your needs.


Develop your ability to accelerate faster than your competition and change directions quicker by learning how to improve your body’s ability to move more efficiently. Improve: acceleration/deceleration, top speed, change of direction, & reaction time.


Train to develop strength that is transferable into greater torque & power output. Improve balance and stability throughout the entire body while helping to mitigate risk of injury. Address and improve muscular imbalances while optimizing movement efficiency. Strength is a broad term that should encompass many aspects of your training program. 


Performance based training requires a varied approach. Athletes are unique and require varied training needs which should be addressed in a training program. At RP we strive to find the best training methods that work for each athlete & client. Performance training should include varied modalities, along with neural, and proprioception training based on individual needs. Performance training should be measured objectively in a meaningful way.



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Training Sessions

Available for scheduled blocks. Contact RP directly to register

virtual Classes

Monday – Friday 6:30 & 7:30 am classes

Stretching & Yoga: Saturday morning 8:00 am

First Group session free!