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“Growth should follow the 1% rule: work to improve by 1% each day”

We know everyone is different. Our approach is to help identify specific areas that can be improved on for the individual and help them to improve in those areas. 

Why Choose Us?

We work hard to make sure that each workout is tailored to your specific needs.  Instead of creating one program for thousands of individuals, we design a program for each specific athlete.  We keep group sizes small to maximize the quality of our training which helps us to individualize programming and maximize results.

Meet the Team
Nathaniel Rohrsen

Nate is the owner and Head Strength Coach at RP. He graduated from Judson University with a degree in Exercise & Sports Science and is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).

Not only leads the RP team, he is also:

  • The Strength and Conditioning Director for Sky High Volleyball (Crystal Lake and Libertyville)
  • The Head Volleyball Coach at Elgin Community College
  • The Strength Program Director for Johansen Baseball

Nate’s passion is in helping individuals realize their potential by developing strength, mobility, and improving movement and confidence. In his spare time Nate enjoys playing volleyball, volunteering, and working as a mentor with kids in the community. 

Carlyn Krautsak

Digital Media and Marketing Coordinator for Rohrsen Performance. Before working for Rohrsen Performance, she worked with Cary Grove High School designing media.

Carlyn has been involved with sports and athletics her entire life competing in gymnastics at a high level. As a recent graduate, Carlyn continues to pursue her passion in helping individuals as she begins her next steps in becoming a physical therapist. 

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